Oct 30 2009

Keep your friends close and your…

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“We are business partners who share material interests rather than common values.  Obama wants us to become strategic partners or friends but we aren’t either of those.” – Yan Xuetong


I am not convinced anyone really knows what China is up to – maybe not even China.  Is China now suddenly a peaceful giant more focused on improving the standard of living and quality of life of her billion-plus citizens or are the leaders strategically positioning the country for world domination?  We do know more about the current position than where the Chinese actually want to be.  For example, we know China has bailed out the U.S. to the tune of over a trillion dollars (in treasury securities, etc.) and the two countries are mutually dependent to a large degree.  We also know China is aggressively building military strength and developing advanced technologies for space exploration.


Rather than surmise what China’s real intentions are, I thought it would be more useful to include a few interesting points from lecture recently presented by the former Chinese Ambassador Ma Zhengang at the London School of Economics and Political Science (15 Oct 2009).  According to Ambassador Zhengang:


1.  “China is the third largest economy and the third largest trade power in the world with the largest foreign reserves.”


2.  “With the end of the cold war between the two superpowers, people all over the world were expecting of peace and development in real earnest.  But their fond dream was frustrated by the hegemonical ambitions of the United States.”


3.  “As the only superpower in the world, the U.S. cherished a blind belief in unilateralism and tried to build up an international order dominated by itself.  They failed to see the world trend towards multi-polarity and the development of globalization, and announced arrogantly that the U.S. could go it alone”.


4.  “The world balance of power is undergoing changes of great significance.  This has begun to reshape gradually the whole international landscape, politically, economically and socially.”


5.  “The development of globalization has made countries in the world much more linked and connected, and interests are increasingly interwoven.  Under such circumstances, any action from selfish motives with an aim of profiting at the expenses of others would often bring harm to oneself.  There is less and less room for zero-sum games.  Mutual cooperation for win-win results has become a universal concept and a new catch word of the time.”


6.  “The global financial crisis begun in the United States swept rapidly over the world and almost in an instant took the world economy from boom to bust.  Many parts of the world have plunged in a grave depression.”


 7.  “The present international system, including the international financial system, is in for major changes.  Reform is imperative.”


8.  “As the largest developing country with one fifth of the world’s population, China’s emergence as a global power is certainly the most influential event in the present epoch.”


9.  “The total purpose of China’s development is for the continuous raising of quantity and quality of the Chinese people’s life, material and cultural, and contribute to the progresses of the world, but not for world domination and hegemony.”


10.  “China’s development is mainly relying on China’s own human and material resources, but not on external expansion and plunder.”


11.  “China stands for common development and common prosperity.  China cannot develop in isolation from the rest of the world, nor can the world enjoy prosperity and stability without China.”


12.  “China is promoting building a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.  The key concepts are: Peace, Cooperation, Win-win Results, Diversity and Tolerance.”


What do you think – do you buy it?

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