Jun 09 2010

Pandora’s Summer

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“With the strengthening of the administration, the rescheduling of debt and a broad package of social and economic measures.  Dutch island governance should restart in a stronger position.  Because public finance is of crucial importance for residents and visitors alike, greater financial supervision is being implemented.”  – Els Croon


As you might have noticed, it has been a few months since my last entry.  This was largely due to the fact that I have been extremely busy with work but I must also confess that the depressing state of the world played a part.  There have clearly been more than a few rough periods in the history of mankind but for me this is a real low point.


Most of the countries around the globe are struggling to maintain their positions of power as their respective economies sputter toward recovery.  In the U.S., constant missteps by the administration and congress are very disheartening and it is all but certain that elections later this year will alter the political landscape once again.  Britain and Japan have just installed new leadership and both are desperate for something positive to happen from the bleakness.


As if all this isn’t enough, there is a hole in the Gulf of Mexico that has been spewing toxic oil at a rate of roughly 100,000 barrels per day since 20 April.


Quite frankly, it is all just too painful to think about – so if you don’t mind I will try to enjoy my family vacation and commit to a more inspired entry in July.  Hopefully I will have some good news by then. 

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