Jun 01 2008


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The Evolution of BBFIN.COM

So you probably wonder why this site is called bbfin.com and what this blog is all about – right?  Well, back in 1996, a couple of my family members and I came up with a “stellar” idea to start a company in order to publish continuing professional education (CPE) materials for accountants and financial professionals.  Although we did make a run at it for a time, all of us had full time jobs and we just weren’t committed enough to our side venture to really get it off the ground.  After several years, I was the only one that wanted to keep the company going but I was always more interested in personal finance – so I wrote a personal finance book specifically for recent college graduates and sold it along with financial publications by other authors for about seven years…while continuing in my professional career and at the same time earning two masters degrees!  The original name of the company was Black Banks Financial, Inc. – so now you know where bbfin comes from.  The actual namesake is the Black Banks River which runs between Sea Island and St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia (USA).  For a number of reasons, this river and what lies on both sides of it are very meaningful to me. 

Now enough of what was!  In February of 2008 I was taking part in a college trustee meeting and someone suggested that the alumni association should establish a network of blogs containing useful information and expertise from various alumni contributors.  On my way home after the meeting, it occurred to me that this would be a great way to utilize bbfin.com in order to share knowledge and hopefully benefit others – regardless of whether a network of blogs was ever established – and so the rebirth of bbfin.com had begun…


Daren B. Pietsch

June 1, 2008


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